Where are my Car Keys?

Sometimes it can be amusing when I lose things over and over again. It is not funny when I am losing the family wallet with tons of credit cards, drivers license and somehow my whole life every few months. It is a pain to get all those documents back (especially when you are here on a student visa and have no real legal way of doing anything without going to different places (school, social security administration and God know where else). I guess I am just real absent minded. In the beginning I was blaming all of that on my Multiple Sclerosis.

My doctor told me that my MRI doesn’t prove my theory. Later on I realized that most of the time I am losing things I was going through very stressful situations (such as college exams or major changes in life). I am still forgetting things every once in a while but it doesn’t make me nervous any longer. I know that at this point my forgetfulness has nothing to do with my disease. My mother doesn’t have MS but she found her wallet one day in the oven.

Everybody does funny things sometimes. So don’t look at everything you do and think that this has only happened due to your M.S. Of course, Multiple Sclerosis could be the reason for for some little brain farts. But the less you think about this as being a medical issue he less likely it is than you are stressing yourself out over this. We are only talking about credit cards here. “Nobody has died,” as a friend would have said.

Our brain can do some multi-tasking. But if we expect our brain to do too many things at once it will let everybody, not only people with M.S, know that we are taking on a little bit too much right now – and ask us to slow down just a little bit.

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