Motor Vehicle Accident and Multiple Sclerosis

Two days ago I have been in a car accident and I am scared. I have a cervical sprain and my nervousness results from the fact, that all of my lesions are in the lower part of the brain and in my upper spine. Just were my head was moving around in the accident.

I went to the hospital to get checked out. X-rays showed that nothing was bad in my spine but how and when will I found out whether that trauma happened to my spine might have an impact on my cause of MS? This was the reason that I went to the hospital in the first place. But the emergency doctor said that car accidents have no impact on MS.

So I guess I will just have to wait and see but feel more confident that everything will turn out just fine. So far there was nothing out of the normal for me. And maybe this means that everything will be ok.

The fact is, that even if you do take care of yourself – it doesn’t mean that other people are taking care of you. That guy behind me who didn’t see me stopping for a train crossing (with a flashing red light) surely didn’t care about my health or the other three people in my car (2 children and one adult). When we told him that I felt better going into the ambulance he got almost angry with us. But my health is more important to me than his hurt feelings about his stupidity.

Take care

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    brian t said,

    I think: the accident probably had no direct effect, but indirectly, the shock and stress that resulted increase the chance of a relapse. My advice would be to chill out, relax where possible.

    I’ve only ever had one relapse, a year ago, and I think the main contributing factor was a long-haul overnight flight from Denver to Dublin. I can never sleep on planes, and I changed at Heathrow, which is one big stress generator. A couple of days later I thought I’d picked up a bug on the plane – and I might have – but when I found I couldn’t walk properly or hold a pen, I had to rethink. (Could have been worse, and I could work from home.)

  2. 2

    brauchi said,

    Yes. I think I will be ok. I just wanted to be on the safe side with checking things out with the doctor. And usually I am the kind of person who doesn’t look for the worst. And relaxing is one of my favorite hobbies anyway. So I will take your advice and relax.

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