Multiple Sclerosis Log

Personally, I don’t write a Multiple Sclerosis log myself as I don’t always want to be reminded if my MS. But I can see that it helps people who have more symptoms. And for these patients it is essential to know what is going on, why it is going on, what has been tried to resolve the problem and was it successful or not. These are the kinds of information your neurologist needs from you if you see him or her at the next appointment. And I know that once I will have more problems myself — I will start the journal. No question about that.

5 minutes each day can help you to see where you stand with your Multiple Sclerosis. Before you can stand you should be aware of all the possible symptoms a person with M.S. might experience so that you can recognize if this happens to you.

The easiest part of a Multiple Sclerosis log is to come up with the symptom you are experiencing. But in order for the log to help you is to find patterns. Patterns can help your doctor but also guide you in your daily way of living to control symptoms caused by patterns that are not essential in your daily routine.

How can we find out patterns? We can only recognize a pattern if we know a couple of things, such as our stress level, physical activity before and after symptom appeared, as well as many other things in life – in fact everything can be a trigger. The more information you can remember about what you have done before a symptom occurred (unusual food, excessive activity, exam stress, spring cleaning…) the more useful your log will be.

PS: don’t forget to bring this log to your doctor. This is not the kind of diary you hide from your family. This special diary is meant to be shared with the people that are most concerned with you and your disease process. Once you have your very own log you will never forget anything that had happened to you since you saw your physician the last time. No more “Sh&&, I forget to ask him about that!” right after closing your car door and turning your car on. Start your log today.


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    What a wonderful blog! I came across it from this post on

    She has a project going on to reach out and connect with all the MS bloggers out there. I’ve chosen to take part, and as a result, I have been introduced to your blog which I never knew of before.

    Very nice! If you would like to take part in helping to spread the word, either visit my blog (which has the exact same post posted) or visit directly.

    Nice to meet you ~ my name is Jeri.

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